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SurrealMod's Clutter
Le Surrealisme

"The lights flew off the cow. Some people say I understanmd the moon- for they do not see the real horse.
The real horse is of course a result of NASA in the Land of the free, known as Hitler's Germany.
Oppurtunity doth arise with evil, so says johb. job has not a job, but is bent on having one. "- Surrealist document which may be used as a manifesto to live by (will soon be placed in Writing section.)

I'll spare the grandiose introduction that says this is my webpage, as you've probably already guessed that. Here, I'll showcase what I want, and I don't need to explain, as the page itself does. So all that's left is for me to run amok.- SurrealMod.
(Update 7/31/03 Screenplay added to writing section.)




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