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Kyoko Otonashi

Kyoko Otonashi is fictional, sure, and even if she was real would never be mine, I can still appreciate her beauty from where I am.after all, if Ranma's Hiroshi and Daisuke get they're own shrine, then shouldn't the leading lady of Rumiko Takahashi's greatest work- Maison Ikkoku?

While all of Takahashi's females are certainly beautiful, Kyoko is the most so in all her charm. Sure, she's a widow, but that's never hurt anyone, especially Godai, who's endlessly devoted to her although he is just a college student.
 No doubt, this page has spoilers, as a due appreciation of beautiful Kyoko Otonashi requires knowledge of the full series. [Her family name is Chigusa.]
So let us pause, and look at the shining image of Mrs. Manager, Karinin-san, Otonashi Kyoko.

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(The song is Hello! Sadness, first opening to Maison Ikkoku. Copyright belongs to copyright holders.)

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