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Kyoko Otonashi

For a More detailed look at Miss Chigusa, try this page.


At a Glance

Year of Birth: 1959
Education: High School
First Professional Role: Manager, Maison Ikkoku
Astrological Sign: Rat

Kyouko is, of course, female. She has long hair that is normally let down. Her hair is black, though somewhat inconsistent in the manga. In the Anime, the hair is purple-blue. Her eyes are a bit lighter, but in the same shade of her hair.

In the words of Godai, her college age suitor (And later husband.), "The Woman I love burns with JEALOUSY, LEAPS to CONCLUSIONS, CRIES, and TURNS to ICE...but WHEN she LAUGHS...the WORLD is MINE..."

Kyoko is one of the two main protagonists in the famous Rumiko Takahashi Manga, Maison Ikkoku.  InShe takes on the difficult task of being  at
Ikkoku-kan, a boarding house of sorts, and moves in. later in the sereis, it is revelaed that she is a widow, which does not deter two suitors: Yusaku Godai and Mitaka Shun.

(Becuase that's where I stole the information I didn't know from.)