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SurrealMod's Clutter
Big Eyes, Small Mouth Characters
Le Surrealisme

(I play this guy right now. I followed the advice of one of my freinds- "Make a character that will always live and do nothing. you can get things that help the adventure later. this character, through play, has 8 more points)

Professor Edmund Loomis

Age 45


Body 6

Mind 6

Soul 7

HP 65

EP 65

Will 6

Shock 13




Higly Skilled 6

Reincarnation 6 (The body reforms after a few minutes, but it can be prevented by singing the proper Necronomicon passage during an eclipse on the new moon during while holding up a candle made of human flesh.)

Apperance 6

Art of Distraction 2



Marked 2 (Increably pale, almost ghostly; where left eyebrow should be there is instead a giant scar in the shape of an arcane mark; one arm is black with an unnatural goldish writing that will not come off. [Prof. Loomis has been known to sit hours attempting to scrub off the writings, even until he bleeds]

Atack Restriction 2 (may only attack wier looking obviously evil beings that can most likely kill him right out)

Phobia 2 (Fear of sleep, cuased by night-guants and terrible things he has seen)

Weak point 2 (The heart, or the mirror image of the heart. that is to say either side of the upper torso's front.)

Not-so strong 2

Reoccuring Nightmares 1 (being knowledgable in the Mythos and occult, dreams of the horrors known come to blank, and cuase his night-guants)




Melee Defense 6 (Personal)

Cultural Arts 6 (Occultism, Archeology, History)

Law 6 (International, Native American Customs)

Linguistics 6 (Ancient Greek, Native American, French, Old English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japaneese, Latin, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic- all in addition to his native language of English.)

Writing 6 (Academic, Journalistic, Technical)

Social Sciences 6 (Anthropology, Theology)

Medical 3 (Emergency Response)

Police Sciences 1 (Criminology)

(this character was sadly played only once, much to my dislike, as I loved it.)

Name: "Hades" Ai Sora

CP: 30+5 (bonus) SP: 20

Race/Template: Human Age: 27

Height: 54"

Sex: Male Weight: 110 lbs.

Body: 10

Mind: 6

Soul: 9

HP: 95 EP: 75 SV: 19

ACV: 8 DCV: 6


Gun Bunny level 4- Quick Reload, Two Gun, Dead Eye, Lightning Draw

OBM level 1- Harley Chopper with attached guns.

Highly Skilled level 2

Special Defense level 2- Diseases


Heavy Weapons level 3- Mecha Weapons

Linguistics level 6- Translation

Driving level 3- Driving Motorcycles (Mechas)


Girl Magnet level 2

Owned by Motorcycle Gang level 1- The Tzaris

S.O. level 2- Taro Yuki, female.

Easily Distracted 1- Females

The Bike: Hades II

Health: 60


Extra Capacity level 1- Sidecar

Extra Endurance level 5

Maneuver Bonus- +2 initiative, +2 dcv

Weapon Attack level 2- A gun is attached to the main bike.

Auto-fire; Long Range; Innacurate (+1 to attack); 15 damage.

Toughness level 1- +20 health points.


Exposed Occupants level 1- The Sidecar, and the bike itself.

Noisy level 1- Motorcycle engine etc.


With two female names, Ai needed a tough image. Since he was born into the surface society, he took the rebels way, and joined The Tzaris, at the age of ten. At twelve, he met his (now) Fiancée. Staying at low levels of the gang, Ai, or "Hades" as he was named, after his Bike, prefers to be a simple errand boy, one of the people that hang back during battles.

He was trained in the gangs basic combat procedures (Gun Bunny), and is one of the gangs best drivers. He also has an unhealthy obsession with females (Girl Magnet 2, Easily Distracted 1), and it's even worse when his girl, "Athena" Taro Yuki (S.O. level 2), is around. Other weaknesses that afflict Ai include his affiliation to the Tzaris (Owned by Motorcycle Gang level 1).

The Hades II is Ais bike, one that he had custom built by the gangs Mechanical Genius, "Athena". This bike was made from the wreckage of the Hades, Ais first bike, which was a warehouse model. The model was called the HaDeEz-1337. "Athena" attached a gun to the bike, and a side car for herself, when Ai takes her into town, or other gang members on missions. It also has faster movement, and more time running before needing gas fills. (Not that it stops Ai from stopping at the gangs refill station- to flirt with "Athena".

Ai has one secret- hes a poet/lyricist, and has been trying to get into the music scene for a while- but first he needs to find an instrument: he has written a few songs, and a couple dozen poems for "Athena". Other than that, he keeps this interest in music to himself, especially the writing.

(A preist I played a few times.)

Name: Nishino Benjiro


Half-Angel, Male

Body: 4

Mind: 4

Soul: 4

ACV: 4

DCV: 2

HP: 40

EP: 30

Shock: 8

Attributes: Force field lv2 (4 point cost, provides only half protection from above, blocks 45 points of damage), Flight lv1, Highly Skilled lv3, Weapon Attack lv2: Beam of holy justice (Armor penetrating x2, Forcefield Penetrating x2, Backblast x2, Uses Energy lv1, Short Range, Toxic, Only outside (meaning above ground not in a building, Damage: 45), Gun Bunny lv1 (Lightning Draw), Personal Gear lv1 (Heavy Pistol, 2 Grenades, Machine Pistol, Blaster Pistol)

Defects: Wanted lv2 (HPO, water bottle organization), Bane lv2: Steel, Vulnerability lv2: Steel, Attack Restriction lv2: May only attack those doing evil, Marked lv2: red halo, grey wings Involuntary Physical Transformation lv2: Turn into small child at night, loses special attributes.

Skills: Thrown Weapons lv6 (Energy Blasts), Gun Combat lv4 (Pistol), Cultural Arts lv1 (Religion)

Mundane Equipment: Bibles, Food esp. Crackers.

Background: Benjiro Nishino was born a human. At age 5, however, that all changed. He was playing late one night, in a field not far from his house, when a strange light came from above. Scared Benjiro tried to run, but a strange beam pulled him into a flying box in the sky. In the box, which appeared to be an alien ship, Benjiro was strapped down on a table. A man with wings and a halo spoke.

"Hello Benjiro. We have watched you grow to maturity." Benjiro tried to reply, but he found that he couldnt.

"You are a special breed Benjiro, and it is now time for you to blossom. You are a Half-angel." Again, Benjiro tried to speak, and again he couldnt.

"Please stay calm, we are about to extract your angel, making you a full half-breed." The strange man snickered at his joke.

"To everyone but true Angels, you will seem to be one. There is but one difference- your wings are not white, but grey, and you dont do anything to extreme, as there are sever repercussions." With that, Benjiro opened his eyes, to find himself, with a halo and wings, in his bed.

Later when Benjiro had a job, he finally realized his calling in life. He was working at a water bottling plant. He realized how stupid it was to bottle a natural resource, ship it off, and sell it for a price that is much more than dirt-cheap. It was this cost, of course, because it was foreign. (Or so the bottles would say.) Benjiro trained himself in the usage of guns, and eventually massacred the whole industry. After firing the last shot, killing the last man, Benjiro found himself in front of God.

"Benjiro. Half-Angel." Said God.


"For a severe infraction, I must punish you."

"Yes, uh, sir. But, ersir?"


"Why, sir? I mean, I just destroyed an evil industry,"

"Many were innocent. You are now wanted by all levels police, and the newly emerging bottled water industry. I hereby declare that you may only attack someone that IS doing evil. And, furthermore, you have a bane and vulnerability to Steel."


"Yes. AND, at night you turn into your powerless pre-angel self. This needs to be balanced though, so you will be granted a Force field, and you will be trained in the secret art of the Beam of Holy Vengeance, which only Half-Angels have the ability to use."

"Yes Sir! Thank You, God, er."

"Whatever." God waved Benjiro back to his planet, "And one last thing- do something holy."

Benjiro became a wandering preacher after that, and tried to do only good deeds, but one couldnt help notice that his halo had become slightly red.


(Catgirl, I don't even remember if I ran this campaign or played it.)
Freelance spy
40 character points
16 years old
114 lbs.
60 skill points
Body 12    Mind 6  Soul 6
Features 1, Heightened Senses 2, Natural Weapons1 [Claw+5dmg+Fangs+5dmg.], Special movement 2 [Catlike balance], Super Strength 2 [+20ccd, lift 2 tonnes], Stealth 6, Personal Gear 1, massive Damage 1, Highly Skilled 4.
Marked 2 [as a cat], Easily Distracted 1 [things that distract cats], Racism 1, Guy/Girl magnet 1, Phobia 2 [Water].
Unarmed Attack 4
Unarmed Defense 4
Acrobatics 3
Stealth 3
Computers 1

(This character had an odd skill system I'd worked up.)

Name: John Pelarius Hozumfiend

Character Points: 30+1(Background) Skill Points: Package(Dual)

Race: Human, American.

Occupation: ex-Rock star, Ex-Teacher, Evil Hunter

Age: 27 Sex: Male

Height: 70" Weight: 161 Lbs.

Description: Still exudes the rock-star aura of sex appeal, he seems dark and brooding, and has a Big Ass sword strapped to his back. He wears all black, except for a pair of Levis 501 jeans. Also at his side is a generic pistol. He carries only these two things. He has very long hair. He is blood type O, and carries only 5 dollars in his wallet at a time.

Body: 9 Mind: 6 Soul: 9

Hp: 90 Ep: 75

Sv: 18 Acv: 8 Dcv: 6


Kensei Level 4 (4 points) (Katanaspace, Two Weapons, Lightning Draw, Judge opponent)

Unique Attribute: Steady Income (Royalties) Level 2 (Two Points): $250,000/month

S.O.- [Lana Hozumfiend] (No Points either way [Defect or Attribute] only necessary for background)

Fame 5- (No Price, Just background; Most of the world)


Reoccurring Nightmares 2

Skills (Swordsman/Musician/Professor) 36 Profession Points

Performing arts Musician 6 (Drummer)

Social Sciences 5 (History: Jack the Ripper)

Melee Attack 3 (Sword)

Melee Defense 2 (Sword)


John Pelarius Hozumfiend was born into a typical American family, and rasied a typical American, until the age of ten, when he began to see the world through his own eyes. Coming from a musical family, he took up the drums, and started a punk rock band, The Screaming Mollusks. He finished high school, and went on to the International University Of California in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, he formed the now famous band, The Trio of Triumvirates, which is still popular today. Among the big hits are such titles as: Pardon My Hobbits (I cant seem to control them), Transvue 80, and Desert Hurricane. John decided he had had enough of playing music, and went on to become a teacher, after earning a doctorate in the study of Jack the Ripper (Ripperology). After a few years teaching people about Jack the Ripper, John got bored and took up the Sword (Specifically a Katana). After Training sufficiently in the use of the sword, John returned to Los Angeles to assemble a team of people to seek out and do battle with evil. He believes that street thugs would be the best at this job. He is also an Acquaintance of Adam Corolla, and has been on Loveline three or four times: Twice to promote albums, once to speak about Jack the Ripper, and once covering for Adam. He is Married.


USD: $12,000,000.00 [(250,000X12months)X(4years)]

Lost in Stocks and Taxes: $6,000,000.00

Spent for Equipment: $645.00

Given To Charities: 3,000,000.00

Debt: 1,432,312.00

Used to Buy Huge Mansion: $1567043.00

In Wallet: $5.00 and an expired credit card.

Royalties in bank: (One Months worth) 250,000

Total Assets: $250,005.00



Katana (2) $300.00 10(One hand)/15(Two hand)

Light Pistol $250.00 5 (Concealable)

Jeans $90.00

Black Shirt $5.00